Tailored Nutrition Plan

04, October


  • Designed for personal preference
  • Helps to improve overall health
  • Customised based on goals
  • Works best if followed for at least 8-12 weeks

Hass will create a tailored nutrition plan based on your own current goals. Lifestyle, schedule, food preferences and dietary restrictions are all taken into account when creating personalised Nutrition Plans.

Whats included? (nutrition PLAN)

  • Assesment of current diet
  • 2 full days of meal plans based on personal preference
  • Goal overview
  • Calorie breakdown based on goals
  • Macro & Micronutrient calculations
  • Tailored to achieve desired results
  • Supplement recommendation included
  • Weekly checkins, Q&A
  • Full consultation every 4 weeks

Suitable forthose who want to:

  • Improve metabolism
  • Lose body fat or gain muscle
  • Improve dietary knowledge
  • Maintain weight
  • Improve overall health & energy