Hello! My name is Hassan.

My story

  • 3rd year of my Bachelor of Pharmacy!
  • Passionate about nutrition!
  • Training Enthusiast!

As you can see I’m incredibly passionate about living a fulfilling and healthy life! My personal mission in life is to create the best version of myself.

My Journey

Growing up, I struggled a lot with my health due to many bad habits that were so easy to fall into! I was eating poorly and being inactive. It did not help that during that time I had no health experience, and how complex information on diets and nutrition is. For a long time, these issues led me to believe that I was unable to do anything about my health! Over time I felt tired, unmotivated and unhappy with myself.

It was not until at the age of 21, when I was pushed by my brother to sign up to a gym, that I would unknowingly embark on a health and fitness journey that would change my whole life!

It all started from occasional (and often uncomfortable!) visits to the gym. However, with each step on the treadmill and each kilo lifted off the ground, the gym became increasingly familiar. This familiarity was motivational, and in turn sparked a deep desire to understand how the body works.

Experience in training and exercise is only part of the equation. This realisation led to sea of vast and complex (and contradicting) information on nutrition and dieting, and navigating this sea was required to further understand the body.

Furthermore, I believe mental health as equally important to physical health in helping create the best versions of ourselves. Over the last several years I’ve gained experience in psychology in my studies and in 2015 I began studying pharmacy.

The field of pharmacy changed my life! It put me in a position to make a positive difference the lives of others in which my own personal skills and abilities could be utilised. During my time at Chemist Warehouse I’v been approached by customers for healthcare advice both pharmacy & lifestyle related. My advice seemed to really resonate with those who sought it leading to repeated requests for my insight. This is what inspired me to found Mind Body Science.

Reflecting on this journey – from the first day (lost) in the gym to a new healthy lifestyle – It was a life changing and hugely positive experience. My passion for health and fitness has now further evolved to wanting to share it with the world!

It is my belief that the body is the vehicle of which we travel through life (and personally I want to drive through it in a Ferrari!). It’s no secret that healthy and fit living can lead to a fuller and happier life. However, it may be difficult in the beginning – but consistency and having direction and knowledge has great potential to tune your own Ferrari!

The mission

Mind – Motivation and Mental wellbeing, Body– Nutrition & Exercise, Science– Evidence based advice

Through online consultations, and personalised exercise & dietary advice, my focus is to combine the aspects of Mind, Body and Science in order to inspire positive changes in the lives of others. My studies in psychology, pharmacy, personal experience and passion for helping others equip me with the right tools to provide excellent online coaching for general health and wellbeing. Clients are the focus – I will explore EVERY aspect of health including training, nutrition, supplements and other relevant factors involved in achieving the goals of clients.

Another initiative of mine is to clients by simplifying, and to understand, the concept of dieting (and that it doesn’t have to be dreadful), helping them to make appropriate and effective lifestyle changes that can lead to the results they want. The lifestyle habits we will build together is to ensure that client goals are met. It is my approach to take a flexible & practical plan towards healthy living! As a full time student &pharmacist, I can appreciate how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Ultimately, I wish to improve the quality of life for all those struggling with their health by utilising the concept of Mind Body Science.